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I used to love radio in the days when FM was just starting up. The DJs could play whatever they wanted, and their wide-ranging taste led me to music I still love today. Since then, playlists and restricted formats have created a media that is repetitive and boring to me.

So I present "The Sonic Vistas of Perfesser Bomb." No playlists, no stylistic limitations. Ellington said it: "There are two kinds of music. Good music, and the other kind." This is the good stuff.

So check out this podcast. Click on the links below to get individual episodes:

Episode Twenty-Five - NEW! The grand finale!

Episode Twenty-Four

Episode Twenty-Three

Episode Twenty-Two

Episode Twenty-One

Episode Twenty

Episode Nineteen

Episode Eighteen

Episode Seventeen

Episode Sixteen

Episode Fifteen

Episode Fourteen

Episode Thirteen

Episode Twelve

Episode Eleven

Episode Ten

Episode Nine

Episode Eight

Episode Seven

Episode Six

Episode Five

Episode Four

Episode Three

Episode Two

Episode One

JUST CLICK HERE to get the playlist for all the episodes.

I feel a lot of the fun of listening to this is the unexpected surprise factor. Some listeners have requested a playlist to remember easily where their favorite songs are, so we'll provide it here.

(Due to copyright legalities, I pulled the plug on actually subscribing to the podcast. This is for download by friends only on this page. I'll still try to put one up regularly.)

Updated January 11, 2024.

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