Dave Hartl in private art gallery

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Here's a gallery of photos from the past. Click on any of the links to view a slideshow of various shots. You can hit the spacebar to pause and the arrow keys to navigate.
I've got a huge pile of photo albums that are being digitized slowly but surely. Check back here to see what's new occasionally because I'll be adding a lot as I get through them!

More recent collections

Gigs in 2023

Recording sessions

"The Main Squeeze" Sessions, July 2009
"Lab Work" Sessions
"Straight, a Head" Sessions
"Foreign Growth" sessions
"Dave Hartl & Gaijin" sessions
Vintage sessions

Past groups and gigs

The Centurymen
Crazy Jane
The Get Right Band
Raw Deal
Pit Gigs (there's a reason it's called The Pit)
Atlantic City gigs
The Three Degrees: Tours of Japan, 1990 & 1991
Connie Francis at Westbury 2008
LaToya Jackson Mexican Tour, 1989

Old times, good times

A grab bag of photos
Hanging with celebrities
Memorial Bash for George Tucker, Somer's Point, 2003
The 1980's
The 1970's
The 1960's

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